General Features

No Bloat

Unlike other slider plugins, Block slider does not depend on jQuery or load unnecessary scripts.

Use Any Block

Use any Gutenberg block in the slider

Keyboard Navigation

Create awesome sliders that can be controlled via the keyboard.

Page Builder Compatibility

Block slider is compatible with most popular page builders.

Clean Coded

Block slider is created keeping WordPress coding standards in mind. It’s more organized and well structured.

Light Weight

Block slider is extremely lightweight as compared to other slider plugins.

Works Everywhere

Block slider can be used anywhere in WordPress with the help of shortcodes.

Responsive Support

Block slider provides complete responsive support for almost all of its design options and slider settings.

Premium Features

Pagination Controller Block

Drop-in slider pagination controller blocks that can be used anywhere.

Next/Previous Controller Blocks

Drop-in slider navigation controller blocks that can be used anywhere.

Device Visibility Control

A device visibility control, that allows you control blockslider block visibility on different devices.

Carousel Slider

Create awesome carousels using block slider.

Quick Transformations

Block slider is filled with super quick shortcuts that will allow you to quickly create a slider.

Fully Customisable

Style your slider according to your design needs.

Slider Library

Block slider comes pre-installed with enough sliders to get started quickly.

Thumbnail Controller Block

Create stunning thumbnail sliders with the thumbnail controller block.


Add animation to your content in just a few clicks.